See Clearly,
Think Powerfully

Not your typical thinker! That's what the average person would say when meeting Armand. But you're not here to be average, are you?

As a serial entrepreneur and a personal development fanatic, Armand E.G. Goutondji is a dynamic personality and highly sought-after resource for individuals from all sectors of society looking to break the mould and live a fulfilled life.

A strong believer in using one’s abilities to empower people, Armand is the founder of the #WinningStateOfMind, a set of personal development programs designed to help people, young and old alike, start their own journey to success by developing their God-given talents, taking control of their personal finances and overcoming their fear of public speaking.

Drawing from his own experiences in languages (he is an accredited conference interpreter and translator), business, sport (Taekwondo and swimming are his passions) and public speaking, Armand dedicates his time to making a lasting difference in the lives of other people by striving to change their mindset about financial empowerment, communication and talent growth. No matter your personal circumstances, this unconventional speaker will help you change your fears into feats.

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Make yourself desired and you shall be remembered

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Did you know that you were special? Yes you are! But how can you turn your uniqueness into a strength, everyday of your life? In a world where we have less space to be 'ordinary', things like our words, our attitude and our looks can make us either stand out from the crowd or simply fade out. Learn how to use them to your advantage and make yourself extraordinary, impressive, memorable. Learn how to improve your 'Desirability Quotient'.